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Joe Zeglinski

Hi Curtis,
    Perhaps Bill felt I was bit unkind to MS, with my choice of words,  but Microsoft’s semi-annual major updates are scheduled in the Fall and Spring of every year, and they “had  been” neither  optional,  nor avoidable for long.
    Since you bought your PC in Aug. 2019 ... then you would have been updated, perhaps by Christmas from your initial factory installed Build Version #1903, that Fall - with Update Build “Version”  #1909 (standing for Year 2019 and month 09). After that, the most recent wave was the Spring 2020, Build #2004 (year 2020, month, 04,  April).
    Until now, our PC’s were just updated, without our choice,  on Microsoft’s individual customer schedule. However, with build Version #2004, it appears that we can actually choose whether to accept the updates and associated risks. You will see a new blue link line in your Win-10 SETTINGS-Updates & Security, and have to actually click on it to trigger the Build’s download & install procedure. There are always surprises in each version update and some are good, while others break perfectly working drivers or programs.
    If you wish to find out which Build number your PC is running under, click on SETTINGS->SYSTEM ... and scroll down the left side panel to “ABOUT”. Clicking on that you will see the full description, specifically the section “Windows Specifications”.
It will also show you the date YOUR own PC was updated with your current version number.
    But the next regular update wave is already on the doorstep, likely late this month (for version #2009 ?).
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> recent Win-10  Build-2004 screw-up

How recent is Build-2004?  I bought this computer in Aug 2019.  The message I saw didn't have the McAfee name or logo on it, unlike warnings I've had about firmware downloads.

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