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Roland Christen

On paper and in the real world, yes the 1100 has greater weight capacity. The reason is that the 2 gearwheels are larger on the 1100. That is the primary thing that determines how much scope you can put on a mount.

Gearwheel size is the single most important thing that determines a mount's capacity. The thickness of the base is the next important thing.

The pier or tripod that you put the mount on also needs to be robust. For the pier/tripod the important thing is not so much the weight rating, since most of them could hold up a Sumo wrestler, the important thing is how resistant it is to a twisting motion.


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In terms of capacity, is there a significant difference between these mounts?
The 1100 seems very slightly heavier but can be separated easily into 2 parts. On paper, it appears to have much greater weight bearing capacity. 
What am I missing?

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