Re: PEMPro vs PHD2 #Guiding

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Curtis and Ray,
    If you aren’t aware, the “new Win-10 DEFENDER” antivirus program that always came free with the OS, has a newly “enabled” default feature in the recent Win-10  Build-2004 screw-up.
    Defender is supposed to bow out and  “deactivate itself” if it finds a paid subscription version of any other antivirus program, so there would be no potential conflict of interests. Otherwise, DEFENDER (now) does the same as the paid versions, and (now) has its own Microsoft researched list of PUP’s (Potentially Unwanted Programs). It used to be check marked only on Enterprise versions of Win-10, but (now) is checkmark enabled for ALL versions.
    I originally disabled Defender when I discovered from its history list, that it removed apps that I had used for decades. Then, upon further reading MS website explanations for each such case, I discovered that Defender is in fact “more meticulous”, than perhaps most others. So, I re-enabled DEFENDER, because it seemed to find Bloatware we sometimes miss, or ignore.
    Microsoft’s Defender now Quarantines and eventually removes any “Bloatware” that tags along with some downloads. For example, CCLEAN from Piriform (now fully owned by AVAST),  is found quite acceptable  by something like MalwareBytes, but Defender will NOT let such downloaded PUP extras  remain very long  on the PC. It might be a free copy of AVAST antivirus (or other things), that the user “missed unchecking” during the initial download screens. Defender does not tolerate tag-along apps that are usually, bit not always,  third-party programs, even free trial opps.
    So, I wonder if the real problem you have been having, is that CCDWARE adds a checkmark (by default), for other trial CCDWARE (or other apps like Chrome Browser), which then makes it look like a “PUP” to Defender lurking behind the scene, blocking further download.
    In the end, it isn’t CCDWARE that is the problem,  offering website visitors more extra’s, than the perhaps less tolerant   MS DEFENDER would like them to do.
Joe Z.

From: CurtisC via
Sent: Friday, September 4, 2020 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] PEMPro vs PHD2 #Guiding
CCDWare: I have McAfee.  I would have preferred Norton, but McAfee came with my Dell computer.  Last night it flagged CCDWare as "suspicious," just as Chris reports.  

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