Re: PEMPro vs PHD2 #Guiding

CurtisC <calypte@...>

Ray, I have lots of logs, going back to July.  I eliminated all but the latest one.  I put the old ones in an "old" folder.  I didn't throw them away.  You want to see them all?  A few are aborted runs -- I didn't like where it was going on, so I killed it.  I've been doing PEMPro runs almost every night, twice last night.  I'll fiddle with the balance (which is spot-on exact now) or gear mesh and try again.  Last night I was getting 19+ p-to-p, but it was smooth, so I loaded it to the mount.  Probably unrelated, but just before I shut down and went to bed last night, I tried some 5 min test shots of NGC 7331, and I had fantastic guiding, even the tiniest stars were round.

Edited to add: It's often said that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.  Guilty!

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