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thefamily90 Phillips

Spoke directly with George and we tested the motor different ways. He told me to be careful as an out of balanced scope will spin when I remove everything. He is getting a work order (?) for me and I will be shipping it in next week.

Thanks everyone!


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Hi Jim,

Remove these 5 screws to remove the gearbox from the mounting plate:

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Subject: Dec drive problem
One of my older AP 1200 go to mounts has a problem. The deck drive does not work properly. When I use the keypad to move the mount north or south there is just a jerky movement or, the telescope starts going around in a circle nonstop. This happened to a previous mount of mine years ago and George at AP was able to fix/replace it. I cannot recall which screws/bolts to remove to remove the drive. I will also have to get a work order number as well. Here is a pic. Thanks for any help.
The mount is at my farm and I will only be here until Monday so I need to get the drive off so I can ship it when I get back home.



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