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Roland Christen

AP sells new cables that you can install yourself.


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I have a Mach1GTO, probably about 10 years old now, I'm the second owner for about 7 years now. The hand controller cable is cracking and splitting open for some reason. I'm looking for advice on what to do. From the hand controller:
S/N: 2806GTO
P/N: 111844

It's happening near both ends, and a little on the first couple of coils. It gets worse whenever they get any kind of use. Seems almost like the plastic is degrading and cracking away. The cables also have sort of a residue on the inside of the coils, again, like the plastic is degrading or something. The outside of the coil is shiny and new, the inside is matte (see photo below). They've had this residue for a while but now are starting to crack open so now it's an issue.

The mount/cables are usually in its Pelican case, never outside more than 36 hours and always wiped down with a dry cloth before storage. Never have they rubbed on anything sharp, been bent excessively, cleaned with chemicals or otherwise mistreated. The cables are never in direct sun for very long if at all. The power and motor cables are fine. They seem to be made of more durable material.

Do I need to send in? Is there a replacement available? I'm really hoping to not have to buy another hand controller for just the cable. The hand controller works fine aside from this arguably cosmetic issue.

Thanks for your help.

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