Re: Drift Alignment To Help With Unguided Images

Bill Long

That is the same scope I have. I bought it for these reasons:
  1. Planewave doesn't sell a 10" model, and I set up each night and need something lighter than 48 lbs.
  2. The focal length of the Planewave is a bit too long for my skies and the smaller pixel CMOS cameras. My plate solved focal length is 1720mm on the AGO.
  3. The focal ratio of the scope is the same as my AP130 GTX with its field flattener, which keeps the image scale the same when I bin the camera on the AGO 2x2.
  4. While I have only used it on my AP1100, I suspect the Mach 1 will be able to handle it. Although that would be more of a nice to have... 😉 
You do need to get a focuser, which the options from AGO directly are the Optec Leo, Optec Gemini, and Optec TCF3-i. I had Moonlite make a flange and an AP2.7" adapter for the NiteCrawler which works great on the AGO and I still have plenty of backfocus available. I use a 2" AP2.7 extension on top of my existing imaging accessories, so there is plenty of room to add more stuff if I wanted to. 

As I mentioned, I have the AP27TVPH, since its a good reducer for my RCOS scope as well. I have yet to test it on the AGO iDK but based on what you shared I think it will work great. While I would prob have to crop on my big full frame camera, my 16200 and 8300 would work great I would imagine. I am in the middle of a project now (PacMan Nebula) on the AGO so no changes until that is over. I went with the AP2.7 interface on the NiteCrawler specifically because the extensions are easy to come by, the reducer is 2.7" threaded, and I have the adapters I need to convert all of my imaging equipment to use AP2.7 rather easily.

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Have you considered AG Optical iDK scope? The focal ratio is 6.7 and no reducer or flattener necessary. Might give you less headaches than Planewave. Cost more than Planewave plus you need to buy a 3rd party focuser. Precise Parts don't even list AG Optical for building adapters which I find it strange. The back focus is pretty long which is good.

Send pictures of your new setup.


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