Re: Drift Alignment To Help With Unguided Images

Dominique Durand

Hi Tony,
With a C11HD obviously it's a little less simple. I am also in this perspective to be able to use my C11HD on my Mach2 with exposures of more than 1 'and everything depends on the possibility of making a good model.After trial and error, I ended up first improving my MES with Sharpcap, then I noticed in the models made that the orthogonality in DEC was really not good. Either Flip Mirror, or something else like tilt on the camera. As I have a motorized PO FT I have adjusted the MAP as well as possible with the mirror adjustment then blocked without forcing it and also modified the camera fixation. Yesterday evening the 29 point model then the 92 model, despite clouds coming to disturb the resolution of 10 points on the west, indicated better measurements in terms of orthogonality. I then made a test on a star low on the horizon (Near Jupiter) and near the meridian. After 5 'it was still positioned on the center of the crosshair (200%) on the image provided on Sharpcap. Then 6 'exposures on NGC6888 turned out to be quite successful.There are still areas for improvement to get a smoother tracking correction, but I think I can say that there is a possibility of modeling with a C11 and doing poses greater than 3 '.
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