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Woody Schlom



I don’t think I ever used the CP3’s 6v outlet to power my RN-270.  But I did use it to power an old StarGPS.  The newer StarGPS units are now self-powered.


I’d have to look at the RN-270’s detailed specs to see if the mount’s 6v power supply would work, but I’m almost certain it would work.  Heck, if two AAA batteries will work, a good solid 6v power source sure should.


I can check, but I’m about 99% sure the RN-270 is also center-positive.  I can also check if necessary, but I think the RN-270’s external power socket is also 3.5mm.  It’s smaller than 5.5mm.


P.S.  There is a Win-10 version of COM2TCP, so they’re still selling it.  I also have one of the SkyFi-III serial to WiFi devices – and it does indeed work with everything I’ve got.  But I usually only use WiFi in the field for outreach events.  And WiFi is becoming a problem at the large events because so many mounts are now using it – and so we’re beginning to run into interference and not enough available channels problems.  Just ask anybody who’s tried to use WiFi at the Grand Canyon Star-Party.  And for those reasons, I prefer Bluetooth.





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Thank you, Woody for the detailed info.

Do you remember the GTOCP3 has this 6V 'auxiliary' plug?  AP documentation says:
"This 6-volt output accepts 3.5 mm mono phone plugs. It’s original purpose was to power the Pentax 6x7 camera directly
from the mount. Its most common usage today is to power the StarGPS. It has also been used to power BlueTooth units
for wireless connection to the mount’s COM ports. Center is positive. It will supply up to 200mA of current."

Has anybody used this to actually power Bluetooth ?

Clear Skies,

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