Re: Pillars of M16

Terri Zittritsch

I always check out your images Roland, which are always fabulous.    I hear from Liam that you've purchased a CMOS camera as well, an ASI1600 (I think mono).   I've only used CMOS and am interested in what your opinion is compared to your CCD.    The camera you use is one of the premium CCD cameras out there, and from your shots, either you're amazingly talented in processing or your data is pretty clean.    Probably a lot of both I suspect given your experience.    I'd love to have you compare and contrast CCD and CMOS.    There was a recent article in sky and telescope on this topic (i forget what month) when testing out a large mono CMOS..  I didn't think it was very informed when talking about things such as resolution, since most of us who started with DSLRs have had small pixels for quite a long time (it's not new by a long shot).    Although they did mention the noise differences.


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