[ap-ug] Pelican images

Roland Christen

Thanks, Pete.
Only way is narrowband around here.

The main purpose of my doing imaging is to develop best practices using encoder mounts, not so much in trying to achieve anything monumental (not possible around here anyways).

For this session, each of the 5 subs are 1 hour long exposures. The images are guided, even though I also have the model running in the background. The guiding is set to take a 10 second star image and a 10 second delay between guide image. That way the mount runs essentially unimpeded for 20 seconds and doesn't try chasing the seeing. The guide star just sits there image after image without so much as moving (see screenshot below). the encoders use the model to keep the two axes tracking along the actual path of the object, and the guider just verifies that the mount is on track and nudges it every once in a while. The resultant 1 hour main image shows stars with FWHM around 1.3 to 1.5 arc sec.


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Wonderful images Roland! Great view of Herbig-Haro object 555 (HH555).

Once again making lemonade from lemons... 



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hello Astronuts,

I did some imaging of the Pelican in extremely poor transparency over the last couple of nights. The seeing was exceptional the first night and very good the next two. transparency was so poor due to fires in Colorado that I could only see a couple of stars and Jupiter. The Moon was blood red. Thank goodness for deep red H-a filters which seem to cut thru the haze.

The first image is the entire Pelican region. The second is a crop of the active region which I will call the "Tornado Forming". It reminds me of our Midwest spring tornadoes which come dancing out of dark clouds and cause much damage when the touch down. We had a number of them this spring, fortunately they all missed our place.




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