Re: Equipment for an observatory

Andrea Lucchetti

Very True, but manageable: I operated my remote observatory for 10 years and had a CW. I had two models , one for winter and one for summer.
It is good with heavy clouds, it is tricky with low clouds.
During summer, I decided for a model that was a little bit too permissive, and usually had to eliminate a number of frames due to low clouds. Cross matching fwhm and CW values in ccdap  helps in finding the right parameters. If you add an all sky camera it should be even easier.

Il giorno dom 23 ago 2020 alle 18:59 Greg Salyer <astronutcase@...> ha scritto:
I find the CloudWatcher to NOT be reliable (at least for cloud detection). The problem is you have to setup various temperatures that imply when clouds are present - and those values change throughout the year. When you get the settings right the device works well but you never know what the settings should be.


On Aug 23, 2020, at 11:13 AM, Eric Claeys <AstroEric@...> wrote:


If your CloudWatcher is reliable,  why are you using an all sky camera instead?

Or did you mean to say the CW is UNreliable?

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