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Bill Long

You and I landed n in basically the same reasons. I had one more minor one that the cp4 on the Mach 1 doubles as a backup for my 1100 with encoders in case I were to need to send its cp4 box in.

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When I was working to decide to upgrade my Mach1 to the CP4 I came up with this list of considerations.

1. I assume there will no longer be any new firmware upgrades for the CP3.
2. Many of the new features being added to APCC and the APv2 driver seem to require the CP4.
3. Safety slews.
4. WiFi & Ethernet connectivity.
5. Painless firmware upgrades.
6. MUCH better power connector.
7. All of the announced new features of the pending hand controller update will only work with the CP4/CP5.
8. Pending multi-star alignments and ortho compensation in the new hand controller firmware require the CP4/CP5.
9. Both serial ports are full-speed in the CP4.
10. CP4 has a cutting-edge electronics design. Some electronic components in the CP3 are obsolete and getting harder to find. 


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Yes, I decided to go ahead and do the upgrade and placed my order. I posted the CP3 on Astromart and it already sold. It will be nice to have both mounts on CP4. 

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On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 04:50 PM, Bill Long wrote:
According to this thread history, yes.
The question I am trying to answer for myself is what the real benefit would be for me to upgrade my Mach 1 from CP3 V2 chip to CP4. I looked at the comparison chart on the site, and I can see the difference from a feature set perspective as well as the hardware changes (which I know, because my 1100 has a CP4). I am jusut not jumping out of my seat to make the change.
I dont think CP4 alone will make my Mach 1 track better. Safety slews would be nice to have, ethernet is nice to have, etc. Still mulling this over.

1) Sell CP3 if you get CP4
2) Better resale value if mount is equipped with CP4
3) I really like using Ethernet



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