Re: Equipment for an observatory

Christopher Erickson

A UPS big and powerful enough to close the roof, along with running all of your gear. Preferably one that supports standard, big, external, lead-acid batteries.

Check out the Monnit remote monitoring devices. It would be good if you can monitor the UPS battery voltage, temperatures, roof status and a few other things (like the front door!) via alternate connectivity.

An internet-accessible security cam that has IR illumination that can be remote-controlled.

Spare parts and tools in sealed, waterproof/ratproof/bugproof boxes

A periodic maintenance schedule.

Laminated emergency contact list.

Backup weather detection and roof closing function.

An observatory design that can close the roof regardless of the scope pointing position.

Buttonpad front door lock that supports multiple combinations.

There is so much more but that's a start.


On Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 2:16 PM Eric Claeys <AstroEric@...> wrote:
My new observatory in NM is almost ready and I hope to drive there in October with my equipment to set it up.  I have a mount (1100GTO-AEL) and telescope, plus a PC/monitor to control it remotely, and will have Internet access as well as a couple cameras to look at the inside of the observatory.  It has a rain sensor and THUM, and is next to NM Skies so I can use their all-sky camera.  It's a roll-off roof and at 7000 ft so doesn't need air conditioning or a fan.  I will have some plastic bins for empty boxes and other stuff (to keep it dry in case of dew or rain).  I have a power surge protector, UPS, and remote power switch.  I will likely only visit once or twice a year.  I will most likely keep the equipment on all the time.
I will connect to the mount via RS232 (the new PC actually has an RS232 port!) and Ethernet when possible, otherwise USB.

What are some things I should consider buying for the observatory?  Chair, broom, step stool, basic tools, other astronomy gear, etc.?

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