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Woody Schlom

Mice can get through any space larger than 3/8 inch!  Copper "Mouse-mesh" works well to fill small holes and gaps. They can chew through plastic and wood.

Barn cats work too.


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Some methods to deter and neutralize critters?

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Will you have someone nearby to assist with troubleshooting and repairs?  No such thing as autonomous. If it can fail, it will.  Speaking from experience.  


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What are some things I should consider buying for the observatory?
Mouse traps. Lots of mouse traps. ;^)


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My new observatory in NM is almost ready and I hope to drive there in October with my equipment to set it up.  I have a mount (1100GTO-AEL) and telescope, plus a PC/monitor to control it remotely, and will have Internet access as well as a couple cameras to look at the inside of the observatory.  It has a rain sensor and THUM, and is next to NM Skies so I can use their all-sky camera.  It's a roll-off roof and at 7000 ft so doesn't need air conditioning or a fan.  I will have some plastic bins for empty boxes and other stuff (to keep it dry in case of dew or rain).  I have a power surge protector, UPS, and remote power switch.  I will likely only visit once or twice a year.  I will most likely keep the equipment on all the time.
I will connect to the mount via RS232 (the new PC actually has an RS232 port!) and Ethernet when possible, otherwise USB.

What are some things I should consider buying for the observatory?  Chair, broom, step stool, basic tools, other astronomy gear, etc.?

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