Re: Mach-2 can not reach target

Roland Christen

APCC can be set up to work this way already.
The other issues are new to the CP5 Mach2 and will be dealt with in new firmware that I am testing over the next couple of days.


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Hi Roland,
>>The CP5 has a built-in encoder limit which turns the mount off and parks it
>>when the scope tracks approximately 1 minute past the meridian. This limit
>>comes up as default ON when you initialize the mount. We put this into our
>>latest CP firmware to solve the problem of users that let the mount track past
>>the meridian unattended and eventually crash the scope into the pier.
>>These limits are independent of any limits set in APCC at this point.
I would like to suggest a user friendlier approach, based on the following order of events:
1.     *   First the mount will cross the meridian.
2.     *  Sometime after the meridian, the image acquisition software (the automation software) sees that the mount is past the meridian and, between two acquisition frames, will flip the mount, by issuing a GoTo command to the actual target coordinates or by sending a SetSideOfPier command.
3.    * If – and only if – something goes wrong (the PC crashed, the automation software has a bug, the user forgot to setup something) the mount will eventually hit a meridian limit and will stop tracking.
For this to work, it would be great to have the possibility to send to the CP5, during the initialization process, not only a flag "Meridian Limits On/Off" but also a value for the meridian limit, in minutes-of-time past meridian. To be sure that this limit will work also in case the PC crashes, this should be completely independent of APCC.
Kind regards,

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