Re: Mach-2 can not reach target

Konstantin von Poschinger

Hi Howard,

I just started my mount. The first thing I saw a red blinking singn and in the error log window it says that the RA limits has reached. I tryed to clear it. It won’t. Then I send the $SLD0# command. It wont clear either. I have to do the find home. After that and clearing the error it went fine. I am now imaging from a cw up position. 


Am 17.08.2020 um 23:09 schrieb Howard Hedlund <howard@...>:

Hi Konstantin!

$SLD0#  won't do anything since it is not a valid command in the command set.  :LR0#  is the proper command, beginning with a colon  :  not a $ sign.  By the way, that is a zero, not a capital O.

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