Re: Mach-2 can not reach target

Greg Vaughn

Hi Terri,


I guess I’m fortunate that I have had no issues with my meridian flips using  SGPro, connected via the ASCOM driver and running APCC as well.   I set the meridian flip to 10 minutes in SGPro and don’t do anything special with APCC or the ASCOM driver.


As I’ve mentioned before, I think, I use ASTAP for my plate solver.   I also have the plate solver set so that it selects the LUM filter and 2x2 binning for plate solves (which may be unnecessary but has served me very well for ordinary plate solves and APPM).


In  case this helps and at the risk of telling you what you already know, find settings for Meridian flip in SGP under ‘Telescope’ in control panel – check ‘Use Auto Meridian Flip’ (under heading ‘Telescope Options/Data’), then click ‘Set’ to call up the Meridian Flip Options menu.   I set ‘Minutes Past Meridian to Flip’ to 10 minutes (default?) and then I click ‘Auto center after Meridian Flip’.


Most of my meridian flips have been North, not South, since past South I’m in the trees except at very high elevation.   However, I’ve imaged several targets before and after the northern Meridian flip, such as Eastern and Western Veil and the Bubble Nebula, automatically and without any difficulties. 


This is using an AP130 and not an SCT on a Mach 2, so I suppose your mileage may vary depending on your equipment.


Good luck sorting it out.








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