Re: Spiderwebs in the sky

Roland Christen

The image is done at 1x1 binning. If you look at the bottom of the screen you can see that it is set to record the full 3326x2504 pixels.
The image is done with settings in Autosave, which has different settings that what is shown on the screen. The 4x4 is for quick 1 second grab to locate a star for focus purposes.
Autosave is independent of Find DSO or Focus or any of the other exposure presets.

As the temperature drops a refractor's focal length shrinks faster than the tube shrinks, so focus has to move inward.


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Great shot Roland

I also have some questions about your MaxIm DL settings:

Do you always image using the Find DSO setting ?

I think I read somewhere that the sub-frame box should not be checked when you are taking an actual image. I am not exactly why, but I see that yours is checked. Is this for the focus tweaking ?

You mentioned that you tweaked the focus during the imaging session. How do you know which direction to move it ? Is it reasonable to assume that as the OTA cools down it will always shrink, and therefore you would need to rack the focuser out ?

I can't tell if I am looking at it correctly, but it looks like you have the binning set at 4X4. Is that correct ?

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