Re: Mach1 and GTOCP4 Yellow Light

Roland Christen

By the way, forgot to mention that the original Yellow Light problem was caused by the CP4 being inadvertently left out in the rain at some point in its history. That caused some components on one of the boards to eventually fail, and we replaced that board which solved the yellow light problem. Unfortunately the unit is not waterproof when it comes to rain. We also removed the plugs on the bottom of the case so if it does get wet, the water won't accumulate.

The mount itself won't be damaged by rain, just the electronics. I usually unplug my keypad and CP controller from the mount and bring them inside if I plan to leave the mount out. In my Hawaii house I've experienced sudden showers that spring up just a few minutes after the sky was crystal clear.


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Thanks Rolando, appreciated!

- Mikko

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