Re: Mach1 and GTOCP4 Yellow Light

Roland Christen

Sorry, I had assumed that the mount was operated in the condition we received it, which was with the lever in the half way position. There was a lot of wear on the gearwheel and that could be one way that this happens. Another way would be if the tops of the teeth were allowed to ratchet past each other if you happened to unlock the lever in a place other than Park3 position. Again i caution to set the back stop gently if and when you feel the need to adjust it. For RA you should never have to adjust it, and rarely ever for Dec. The backstop has zero effect on backlash in either case.

We did clean and completely overhaul your mount, checked the PE to be smooth and under 7 arc sec P-P, re-greased your gears and tested everything twice before sending it out. My caution is simply that, please make adjustments carefully and gently if you feel the need to adjust something. The mount should be ready to go without any adjustment as is.


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Rolando I find your comment disappointing assuming that I have done something like this. I have never left the lever to any other position than fully engaged. As a matter of fact I don't touch my mount, it just stays put and as you might remember, these latest problems started as an electrical issue (connection) when again, nothing had changed. The only time I have adjusted the backstop was months ago when I had the weird plate solving problem. After that the mount worked for months before this latest issue occurred.

- Mikko

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