Re: CCDWare site Trojan?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Pete,
    I agree, DEFENDER is generally a good AV program -  even though I sounded like MS Defender bashing.
    I have never used any other antivirus program regularly over the past decades, except Defender or its earlier pre-Microsoft ownership versions – and don’t plan that I ever will.   DEFENDER is/was just a plain good workhorse of an AV program, and I am glad to have it on all PC’s.
     I just get rattled and lose confidence in it now, when I get a “LOW level” warning from its recent Build 2004 Win-10 major rewrite, warning that (even) CCLEAN is one of its suggested PUP’s.   Just because a program like  PIRIFORM’s ...  CAN modify the Registry, shouldn’t automatically make it a PUP threat, until Microsoft has some strong evidence. Otherwise,  we would be chasing many more innocent apps on the PC. Besides, what should I believe about Defender’s  other suggested PUP’s ?
    Very many people has been using CCLEAN, (for example),  with confidence,  for at least a decade, and most people trust it, as perhaps the industry’s best clean-up utility. It is a necessary tool because every Microsoft Update leaves piles of Temp Work files cluttering up the disk drive, and misdirected & lost Registry links behind,  after performing  its frequent Windows updates. Wish Microsoft would clean up after itself, so the app wouldn’t be needed as much. But, that’s not the point.
    Calling that app a PUP, now makes me highly suspicious of anything else that Win-10 PRO’s version of  Defender considers a PUP. Seems a bit trigger-happy.
    So, contrary to tech advice, I like to back up Defender with a second opinion by  Malwarebytes, another well-respected antivirus program, but one which never accused CCLEAN of being malware. I think MB  does its due diligence and homework better.
    Which is why I suspected that Defender may have needlessly  caused that PUP warning at CCDWARE,  that Malwarebytes may not have.

From: Pete Mumbower
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2020 2:45 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] CCDWare site Trojan?
Actually Windows Defender has changed significantly in the last couple of years, recent builds have not changed a ton, at least on the consumer side. The enterprise side (Advanced Threat Protection) has had some "significant" changes, but nothing that would effect what this thread is about. It is pretty sophisticated and one of the leading AV products on the market now. I talked to quite a few other It professionals at other companies at the big Microsoft conference (Ignite) last summer and they agree that it is made some major strides in how well it works compared to others.

I do agree and highly recommend only running one AV product on a computer. The threat landscape has change a lot in the last decade and the modern techniques are needed to detect and stop the bad actors out there. Whatever AV product you use, make sure the virus definitions are up date (daily or even hourly) if you do a lot of online browsing with the computer.


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