Can't connect using #ASCOM_V2_Driver

Michael Cook

I'm trying to connect to the GTOCP4 control box via ethernet. I have the latest ASCOM platform (6.5) and ASCOM V2 driver (5.30.10) installed.

I've determined the IP address as and using a web browser I can access the control box.

When I set up an ASCOM connection through ASCOM V2, in the IP Address Details box I check IP Addr, have the correct IP address entered in the IP Address field, I left Timeout and Retry count as is.

When I click "Check Port",  a message comes back saying "Mount found! Firmware Rev: VCP-P01-13.

Now when I try to connect using my planetarium software I get an error message: ASCOM error #80040402: No mount or IP Address or COM port, or initialization failed.

The one thing I notice is that when I go back and open the ASCOM V2 telescope set up, an old IP address is showing (, not the one I had entered ( That old IP address is from when I set up a WIFI connection. It seems that the ASCOM V2 driver isn't saving the settings (new IP address). I tried reinstalling the driver, and rebooting, but that old IP address sticks there and I can't get the driver to save the new IP address.

I hope someone can enlighten me.


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