Re: CCDWare site Trojan?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi George,
    By any chance are you now running with the Build 2004 Update of Win-10?
    Microsoft ... “drastically changed” its DEFENDER antivirus program in this recent major update  -  and added new features to it.
One of these is that it reports and even isolates PUP’s (potentially unwanted programs) into its own Quarantine, which you can undo, just as with MB’s A/V. You can see which ones got blocked by going into Settings and looking at Security/Defender. There is a list of blocked PUP’s it was responsible for – nothing to do with Malwarebytes.
    Also, perhaps the good news is that DEFENDER used to “bow out” if another antivirus program was found in the system. But if you chose to change the MB setting to NOT register itself in Windows, then BOTH antivirus programs would always be running. Then you will get DEFENDER interfering with its own opinions about PUP’s. I would trust MB over it now, since this is totally a new way of doing things for the revised Defender (darned nuisance).
Beginning to think that Build 2004’s DEFENDER is actually the  “Potentially Unwanted Program”.
    Among those it now doesn’t like, for example,  was the PIRIFORM’s  CCLEAN which has been just fine for over 10 years, and now Defender just got uppity about it. Meanwhile, my latest MALWAREBYTES is fine with it, always has been, never reported it as even suspicious. Likewise, changes in the communications area logs me out of my email account every 24 hours or so, even if the PC never hibernates, something new on three PC’s I know of – another build 2004 oddity. Too late to roll back to Build 1909, which was much more reliable.
    I suspect, if this is what you are running as well, it was Defender not Malwarebytes blocking  PEMPRO access.
The good news is that Update 2004 will go away by November to make space for the next major Microsoft Win-10  screw up.
Joe Z.
From: George LaBelle
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2020 9:58 AM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] CCDWare site Trojan?
Let me make it clear - the domain is reported by Malwarebytes as having a trojan. It has been listed as so since Feb. 2020 on their server
It doesn't matter which product you try to view. Going to "" is prevented by Malwarebytes. I never got to any product page.

I never said Pempro or any other product they sell had a trojan! I thought it was clear that I was "trying to get" Pempro.

I'm sure it is a false positive. I went ahead and allowed that domain and was able to enter the site.

Prineville, Oregon

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