Re: Delrin plugs

Joe Zeglinski

    AP sells DELRIN Clutch plugs  as a kit – and I suggest getting spares  just in case you lose one, or have a problem fitting it in. However, You will need AP’s  simple but  special tool -  and fair warning,  it is still a bear to use successfully.
    Lesson I learned with those DELRIN clutch plugs – “Finger tight” knobs, may STILL  be too tight, so you get mushroomed plugs, very difficult to extract. Wouldn’t want to have to do that ever again, and really admire the AP staff,  if they have to do this repair.
Good luck.
Joe Z.

From: Michael Dolenga via
Sent: Sunday, August 9, 2020 9:52 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] Delrin plugs

Hello – I have a 900GTO mount bought new in 2011. I think the Delrin plugs have gotten compressed; I notice that when I am balancing my setup, they barely move. Probably too enthusiastic when tightening down the clutches.


I looked on the Astro-Physics site, but couldn’t find them. Does anyone know where to get a set of replacements?




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