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>>>  Is the solution a Planewave?? J

  either that, or I hear AP has a 17" reflector they are working on :)

>>What should I expect for good eccentricity - .35ish??

generally eccentricity of 0.5 or lower is considered 'perceptibly round'

I'm not sure i would 'expect' that, but i would certainly aim for that

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Thanks Brian. I’m sure mirror flop is a definite possibility, even with the Edge mirror being “locked down”. Is the solution a Planewave?? J


What should I expect for good eccentricity - .35ish??


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Okay thanks


I'm poking around in your logs some, and I'm waiting to hear back from someone else I asked a Q about, but I can see your RA corrections are primarily one-sided at higher altitudes (and a corresponding increase in RA and therefore your eccentricity goes up), and as you get lower in the sky, RA corrections become more even on both sides, and your RA RMS and eccentricity both go down


My suspicion is mirror flop or something shifting in your equipment


On Sun, Aug 9, 2020 at 8:54 AM Tony Benjamin <tonybenjamin@...> wrote:

No, no seperate guide scope. I'm using an Ultrastar guide camera on a QHYOAG.







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