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Sorry, I sent the wrong log earlier. Heres the correct one.




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Hi Tony


do you have a representative PHD guidelog you can share? 




On Sat, Aug 8, 2020 at 9:32 PM Tony Benjamin <tonybenjamin@...> wrote:

It seems most of my subs (1 min - 2 min) have eccentricities between .5 and .6. Now at .6 I'm throwing those subs out as you can see they are not round to the naked eye. I've been forced to keep .55 and below otherwise I'm throwing out over 50% of my subs.

My imaging gear is reasonably good (AP100 GTO AE / FLI ML16200 / C11 Edge with mirror locked down).

I've been using PHD2 for guiding and usually the RA/Dec and below .4 arc/sec and often sub .3 arc/sec. The AE's seem to be working just fine as a run in PEMPro shows a flat line. I checked the PA recently - but might not have since putting the C11 on the mount - would that be an area to check to see if it is askew?

What should I try and do to improve the eccentricities or is this pretty much the norm for a .44 arc/sec image scale?

I haven't redone a mapping model for the C11 yet - would that help at all?







Brian Valente

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