Re: Pier flip before meridian crossing is not possible with SGP and Mach1



I have the same problem and I have watched the video as well. I still can't figure out how I am supposed to set this up. I had Howard help me with it in a Remote Session. He couldn't figure how to set this up too and said, he will come back to me on this. He probably is busy with lots of things because I haven't heard from him yet. 

I can't enable checkboxes - probably because there is a conflict with another checkbox, but because there is no "How can´t check this because ...." message I can only guess. 

I love my mount, it is a fantastic piece of engineering. But the only software in my imaging stack that constantly gives me problems and frustration is APCC. I am sure APCC and APCC pro have great functionality. Why don't you write a text here, with screenshots for every screen to be configured? Start with a clean installation, not having preset limits etc. and explain how to set this up in an easy to follow way? And please, use a real mount and not the simulator. 

I am an amateur when it comes to mounts, astro-photography etc. But I have some qualifications in software. I was the CEO of a commercial software vendor for 16 years and a software CTO for Dell Computers in the last years of my professional career. I managed projects where software was used by millions of users and I have written my fair share of Windows code too. I am happy to give you feedback for any training material you build for APCC. 

Best regards,
Eckhard Völcker

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