Re: Pier flip before meridian crossing is not possible with SGP and Mach1

Leo Shatz

Hello Ray,

Sorry for delay in posting reply. The issue I raised in this post was about inability of SGP to perform auto flip BEFORE meridian crossing. I've learned how to setup simple meridian limits in APCC, so that SGP can perform delayed flips when the scope has already passed meridian, with all safety limits in place. However, in some situations I'd like to schedule the auto flip (and monitor it) earlier - before meridian is crossed. I'm attaching a screenshot showing the problem. I've setup Flip Offset in APCC to shift the flip to the East, but SGP refuses to perform the auto flip and aborts the sequence:


Another screenshot shows a warning message from SGP before running the sequence when I change Flip Offset, which seems to be related:

At the same time, when SGP aborts the sequence, I'm able to perform manually from APCC by pressing "Pier Flip" button.

I'd like to know what I'm missing here.



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