Re: New file uploaded to ap-gto


Actually, Rolando, you needn't answer the questions about dithering.  I'm not happy with the performance of my Mach1GTO right now (delivered in Mar 2010).  The optimal amount of dithering is probably the absolutely least important thing I need to look at.  This past evening I did the Park1 to Park5 flip to work a different section of the RA worm gear.  After running PEMPro, my tracking was even worse than before.  I even had bad numbers in DEC, which I don't understand, since DEC has always been spot-on.  The excursions of the RA worm are far beyond spec.  It's never really been right, at least not since I first updated the PEC about a year after I received the mount.  The mount sits in an observatory now, but during the first two years I used it as a portable.  Maybe I knocked something out-of-spec when I was moving it around.  I'll do a re-lube with Aeroshell 33, and then I may be talking to George.

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