problem with GTOCP4




Since March 2020 I’m using a GTOCP4 on my AP1200 without issues.  Last night however, after some hours of imaging, when I issued a GoTo from TheSky to another object, the mount did not respond anymore (using APCC Standard on PC). 


A Park 4 command only gave a “slewing” window but the mount did not move. 


I got a motor stall error (only once), cleared it from the log and this did not come back after further attempts.  Mount is well balanced. 


LED was amber.  I checked the power cord and tried another power source, LED remained amber.


Disconnected/reconnected power lead from CP4, LED was red first but then amber almost immediately.


Disconnected from APCC, connected my handcontroller: LED remained amber, but I could move the mount E-W but in DEC only one direction (S) worked. Connected DEC lead to RA motor, same result – only one direction worked.  Park commands did not work, GoTo’s did not work.


I then changed the CP4 with the CP3 from my Mach1 mount and no more problems, all directions work, park commands work, GoTo’s work, LED is red all the time.


Any idea’s, someone?





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