Re: large alignment error with polemaster & mach2

Andrea Lucchetti

Hi Terri,
Thank you.
I havealso  tried What you suggest, larger gain , and can see several stars. No luck.
I also have the AP 900 adapter, the polemaster is firmly attached.
The last thing I will check is the location.
Honestly I don’t remember the setting: when I received the camera I have tried at home and I could have filled in An approximate latitude.
I am having a one week break, but when back that will be the first check.
I do hope is simple like that ( I will feel a little silly but happy :-)

Il giorno dom 2 ago 2020 alle 17:10 Terri Zittritsch <theresamarie11@...> ha scritto:

Hi Andrea, 
I could see large alignment errors with pole master if I didn’t have the gain / exposure adjusted to see the required dim stars in the monitor step.  I use the second step for both Gain and exposure.  So even though you can easily see Polaris with the lowest Exposure/gain, you should turn it up to see some of the dimmer stars around Polaris.   One way to see if gain is too low is to look at how stable the image is in the monitor step.  The two white boxes On the big screen should be stable and tracking 2 stars.    This should allow you a good polar align with the red/green pole boxes in the small monitor screen.   My guess is you’re only getting a good initial align to 5 arc minutes which is what I was getting until figuring out the monitor step wasn’t stable.

this was my problem, and once fixed my alignment results in little dec guiding input with the Mach 2.   

other than this, make sure the camera is mounted solidly and not able to move, and if you do remove it or adjust it at all, you need to recalibrate it’s centering in the app.     


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