Re: To mask or not to mask, that is the question


And here I thought Rowland was going to talk about putting a mask on his 10 inch Mak to make it a 4 “ in order to be fair to all the other telescope makers

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Funny but good video.....So, wear your Masks, for astronauts and non astronuts!
Be Safe everyone at Astro-Physics, and everyone else out there.  I was a unit based pharmacist and infusion pharmacist for 43 years.  I’m 70 now, and I’m sure masks played some part in my survival, for N95 PPE’s on the units, and self preservation PPE’s
compounding some fairly toxic chemotherapy agents.  Let’s all survive to see 2021!!

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Hi Astronuts,

This is completely off-topic. My daughter sent me this funny video which attempts to answer today's most pressing question. What are masks for and do they really work? The video is funny and completely non-political. It's in the style of the old Myth Buster's TV programs where they were always blowing things up or burning them down. So, if you have a few minutes to spare, sit down and watch this:

Love ya all and stay healthy,
Rolando Kissing heart


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