Re: OFF TOPIC: Duplication of Group messages - tagged as “[Edited Message Follows]”


I'm guilty as charged.
If a saw an big error or link was not clickable.
I would to delete and resend a corrected message.
I normally compose message in notepad++, copy, paste and send.
If a link was not clickable, I have found adding a return at end 
of link will make it clickable and then I delete the next blank line.
That would make the message seem unchanged.

I don't want members to have to select, copy and paste to go to a link.
If it was an un-clickable link edit, you may not see a difference.
After switching to
I don't have to delete message but can edit an existing message.
I don't desire to resend message to group but only 2 choices.
It's either "Resend to Group" or ''Discard''.
I would like another button "Save work and exit without resending to group"
My edits are for those that search for old messages and I want mine as correct
 as I can get them with all links clickable.
In if you click on the ''Edited on date'' it will display a list of revisions.
You check-mark any 2 and click compare button to see what was changed.
November 2019 was a message I sent on Orthogonality and 
I did indeed edit that one many times maybe 10 times
Each message is different if only 1 word (no links to correct in that message).
As I re-read message or members comment,
 I would edit to make message hopefully easier too understand.
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