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I'm about to do the same thing, so I'm watching this thread carefully.


On 8/1/20 10:28 AM, Dean Jacobsen wrote:
I am moving to a new imaging laptop in a couple of days and will be installing APCC Pro, ASCOM 6.4 and the AP ASCOM driver on it.

I found the hidden C:\ProgramData\Astro-Physics\APCC\ directory.

I wanted to move as many of the existing settings over to the new computer as possible so I don't have to go through and set everything up again.

I do a new model every time I set up so I don't think that I need to move the "Models"

So, this is what I think I should move from the C:\ProgramData\Astro-Physics\APCC\ directory:

- the HRZ file that is my horizon limits on the current computer,
- the two MLM meridian limits files that I created.  I assume that the default MLM file will be in the new installation already,
- the "Settings" document - replace the default document in the new installation with this one from my current computer.
- the same with the SiteList document

I don't think I need the "Backups", "Logs" and "Models" folders in my new installation.

Is there anything else that I need to transfer over to the new installation?

Dean Jacobsen
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