Pelican Nebula and M33

Robert Chozick

I got a few more images from my test trip for my new ASI2600 CMOS color camera. 

Pelican Nebula

The bright stars in the Pelican got blown out and really unfixable with the shorter exposure subs so I learned that 5 min at f5 is too much with this camera when bright stars are present.  There was also a reflection in the right upper corner that I think I can fix by bringing the UV-IR filter closer to the sensor.  On the FSQ the CA-35 camera adapter allows a 2 inch filter to be screwed in but it is 30-40mm away from the sensor.  I am getting a ZWO filter drawer to bring it closer.  Hopefully that will fix it. 


I needed more data on M33 and some Ha but I was surprised at the quality of the data for only 2.5 hours.

I need to try to always get more data on images.  In the past I have wanted to get a lot of images on every trip since it is so rare I go but I am going to try to get at least 5-6 hours of data at f5 and 8-12 hours at f8 from now on.

Robert Chozick

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