Re: large alignment error with polemaster & mach2


>>>I will give a chance to the pole master+SC software.

in my experience it works fantastically well

one note: make sure you enter the setup information correctly in Sharpcap. It's not clear but you need to ensure you enter your location/date/time and also your image scale. it doesn't really warn you about that

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Thank you, 
I will give a chance to the pole master+SC software.
If it doesn’t work , I will probably go for the Rapas.

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The Rapas will require you to drift align the mount for the first time. Then you adjust the Rapas precisely using the 3 push-pull screws. From then on you can get good polar alignment using the pole scope without having to do any other alignment.


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I need to polar align my Mach 2 very quickly to save time on field.
I thought Polemaster would have been a good choice but I cant get a good alignment with it (I am ways off)
The procedure goes very well, till the end, including the precise alignment step, but I have drift in my images.
running the Polemaster twice results in a small change.

I am not using the refraction calculation , as I leave at 42 deg latitude: can this be one of the reason?

my aim is to shoot 10 min subs unguided (@790mm focal and 1,6 arcsec/pixel resolution).

I still don't have my OTA ready so it is difficult for me to check with the drift method for the time being ( I can borrow a dslr and C8)

Would the RAPAS be a better solution for my needs? 
I understand it can be mounted on the MACH2 using a dovetail, with repeatable accuracy.
Is the accuracy enough for imaging and how it compares to Polemaster?

Thank you,


Brian Valente

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