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Dale Ghent

Not to mention the complete lack of an INDI client library for Windows. The only one that exists is unfinished and has not been touched for almost a decade. There there is also the question of how to support INDIlib and INDIGO, two divergent implementations of INDI that have important differences.

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Ray - any comments?
I've read through some posts on this forum, dating back 1 - 2 years that mentioned
something was in the pipeline. I don't want to change the system over tomorrow, but can
you give any sort of timeframe for a comparable option to be available for INDI?
My original plan was to leverage a cross-platform framework based on Alpaca. I even volunteered to create this framework, but the ASCOM team rejected the idea. Thus, the scope of the project has increased as I must develop an alternative.

So, unfortunately, it's become a more substantial project which has had a lower priority than supporting the ASCOM/Windows platform. I can't give you a time estimate because there are things out of my control that could affect completion.

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Ray - any comments?



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