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Charles Thompson

This is great news Roland!  Thank you for the update. 


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Thank you for your post. It makes all the late night work that we all have done worthwhile. Even though we had to stop normal production here for several months, our crew stepped up to the plate and did their jobs at home. And that includes putting together the sub-assemblies that I was then able to assemble here to produce the first batch of Mach2 mounts that went out this summer.

Our crew is now fully back together doing full time production of our mount and telescope products. We have added several new machinists in our machining department. We have purchased several large pieces of CNC equipment to facilitate making the complicated machined parts of the Mach2 and our larger mounts. We also just hired a servo specialist who has worked for us for many years in a part time capacity. All of this will allow us to grow our mount business.

Roland Christen (aka Rolando)
Astro-Physics Inc.

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Marcelo:  Congrats on your Mach2.  I just did my first APPM run (small model of 32 pts) a couple of nights ago with my Mach2 and did a 10 minute image before the clouds rolled in. The stars were pin point perfect!  This mount is a work of art and the software is amazing.  The support from AP and Ray is second to none, along with the good folks on this forum. Ray helped my out on getting going with APPM and I can't say enough about his suppor.!  All the best, Scott

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