Re: Comet Neowise


Andrea as a neophyte I would love to hear more of your prelim “tracking plan” workflow. Tom Fischer, INdy

On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 06:51 Andrea Lucchetti <andlucchett@...> wrote:
Great image.
APCC/ Horizons is not that complex to use in a field set up, in my opinion.
I have been able to use it last week with my mach2, and it was the first time I powered up the mount :-)

You do need to be keen on setting parameters, I have spent  half an hour because I didn't update the location in the NASA website.
this is something that we can do in advance of the session, because the "tracking plan "can be saved". 
So I think we just have two methods also for field use, and it is great!


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