Re: ASCOM 6.5 released, upgrade or not?

Luca Marinelli

Pierre is right. I updated the ZWO ASCOM driver when I loaded software on a new computer in May 2020 but it appears that ZWO, wisely, went back to ASCOM 6.4 a couple of weeks later. I will simply update the ZWO ASCOM driver and roll back to ASCOM 6.4 to ensure compatibility with APPM. Thank you both to Pierre and Ray for the quick responses.


On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 11:35 AM, Pierre Henrotay wrote:
Could you please check?
The ZWO downloads for ascom is dated June 29.
The change log mentions a rollback to 6. 4.
The Ascom platform referenced is 6.4 also. 


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