Re: MACH1 GTO Merdian Flip #Keypad

Howard Hedlund

Hi Ken,


I’m pretty sure I know exactly what is wrong.  The keypad performs the meridian delay by “fooling” the clock in the GTOCPx control box.   The driver is probably undoing the keypad’s clock fooling commands. 


There are two solutions.  Each will work, but I don’t advise mixing them.  Choose one and use that method exclusively.


1.       In the driver, Uncheck the boxes to “…keep mount time synced to PC time (recommended)”  That may not be a perfect quote.  Then you can do meridian delay with the keypad.  Just be sure to undo it with the keypad as well.

2.       Set meridian delay in the driver instead of the keypad.  You can then still use the keypad for your GoTo.


The next major keypad version will use the same method as the driver for meridian delay, so the problem will go away.


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I shall check those things the next time I am out, thanks.

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