Re: ASCOM 6.5 released, upgrade or not?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Mike,  slightly off topic, but in regard to your wise suggestion about doing a Restore Point.
    Have you personally had success with “Restore Point Recovery”  under e.g. Win-10 (PRO) ? I have yet to get one to work, on either of my two PC’s. They just go for an hour, wasting my time and patience, pretending to be working at it,  fail, reboot and leave things rolled back to the original system it had started out from. Tried any number of previous Restore Points, not just one, on either PC. Failure Report gives a bogus Microsoft unhelpful suggestion to  turn off all antivirus programs – did that, doesn’t help
    Had it work just once,  (probably a fluke), after discovering that ACRONIS Backup 2014 ... “turns off Volume Shadow Copy” – a required Win-10 Service for successful RP restoration, but have forced it to stay Running twice, prior to initiating the Point Restoration today – no luck, and  the service was STOPPED by something, after the reboot of a previous failure. I am at a loss. Something in Windows is turning it off, perhaps even Windows Defender AV, even after disabling it in previous attempts. Also tried disabling MALWAREBYTES, no difference. Even Microsoft tech support (yeah, I know, contradiction of terms) - had no luck after running on my system for hours.
Would love to have Restore Point  function work, after a year of attempts.
Any advice would be most appreciated.
    Beginning to wonder if the recent Win-10 Build 2004, from a couple of weeks ago,  is the culprit. There is an ever increasing pile of posts about that recent Build’s  problems corrupting working apps and drivers,  on the web – might even match Win-VISTA’s  popularity :-)
    Anybody else getting “System Restore Point” failures, or found a fix?
From: Mike Dodd
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 8:00 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] ASCOM 6.5 released, upgrade or not?
On 7/22/2020 7:53 PM, David Fabrizio via wrote:
> No, it's just that I updated it BEFORE I saw your original email.

Did you create a Restore Point before installing? If so, just roll-back
to that point. Otherwise, maybe you can uninttall, then install the
pre-6.5 version.

--- Mike

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