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Michael Dolenga

Nice shots Dominique. I especially like M13, always a favorite of mine. Your photo reminds me of the time I looked at it through at 20+ inch Dobsonian, really amazing.


On Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 01:25:54 PM PDT, Dominique Durand via <dom33.durand@...> wrote:

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Here is a little feedback on the use of my Mach2.
The modeling goes pretty well with SGP / Platesolve2.
After photoshoots with the AP130GT, I switched to the C11HD with still use without autoguiding. With 1960 focal length with the reducer or 2800 focal length without the reducer, the quality of monitoring must be up to par.
Here are 2 clusters M13 and M92 made with exposures of 60 seconds and a galaxy NGC6384 made with exposures of 180 seconds.
The problems to be solved are more at the level of C11 than Mach2.



Happy amateur astronut

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