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Michael Dolenga

Hi Marj, nice to hear from you as well. That did the trick, I added myself to the list.

I have one of those apparently rare Rob Miller tripods from around 2011 when I got the 900GTO; strong and light, I'm sure one could construct an adapter. 


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Hello Michael,


So nice to hear from you.


The keypad from 2011 will work with the Mach2, however it will have to be updated to the upcoming v5 software and you will probably want to replace the keypad buttons with a new version.


The Mach2 base is the same as the 400, 600E or Mach1 base. It is smaller than the 900. However, there may be a way to use the same tripod.


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Opposite question, will a 2011 keypad sold with a new 900GTO work with the Mach2?


Another question, is the Mach 2 base the same as a 2011 series 900GTO base? Basically, can I use the same tripod?


Last question, how exactly do you get on the waiting list for a Mach 2? I don't see a "notify me" button anywhere on the page for the mount.






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The newest keypad version will work with CP4/CP5 controllers.






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Will the new update be backward compatible with the older mounts as well?  For instance, if I update my existing keypad to work with the CP5, then can it also be used with my CP3 equipped 900GTO?
Dean Jacobsen 
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