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Roland Christen

My Windows laptop constantly changes the com port that is available for the mount. Time and again I get Mount Not Found when trying to open a planetarium app. It's easy to fix. I simply open Device Manager, check to see what Com port is available. Then I open the ASCOM Telescope setup window, set it for the available com port and check to see if it connects. That's it, and it works every time.


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No, I doubt that the FTDI adapter is bad.  I’ve had one now for 9 years I think.  I started with Win-98 second edition and now I’m on Win-10 Pro.  And that old FTDI adapter still works great.
And if the USB connector is making a bad connection, you can bite it to slightly bend the two parallel flat sides in a little so it makes a tighter fit.  Or use pliers to very slightly tighten the USB connector.
Have you checked to see that the COM port assigned to the FTDI adapter matches the COM port the software is set to?  They must match.  And if you moved the FTDI serial adapter to a different USB port, then the COM port DID change. That’s what happens when you move it to a different USB port.  You can still use the FTDI adapter in that “new” USB port, but you have to change the mount software’s COM port to match it.  No big deal.  Takes a second.
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Thank you for your reply.  The only USB cable in the mix is the cable from the FTDI adapter to the computer.  The cable is permanently attached to the adapter.  So; the implication is that the adapter has gone south.  I bought it in Feb to replace the previous Keyspan adapter.

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