Re: Can't connect to mount

Woody Schlom

1)      Are you sure the COM port the FTDI serial adapter is assigned to NOW, is the same one you’ve selected in the mount control software?  I ask because you said you switched the USB port the FTDI serial adapter was plugged into.  And whenever you do that, the computer assigns a new COM port to it.  So you need to make sure the COM port selected in the software matches the COM port the FTDI serial adapter is currently plugged into.  And if you move the FTDI serial adapter around to different USB ports, the computer keeps assigning new COM ports – and eventually you run out.  Then you have to delete all the bogus COM ports and start over.

2)      Just for grins, I’d replace each cable – one-at-a-time to see if that makes a difference.  Serial cables are usually pretty solid and dependable.  But USB cables (usually the connectors) are notorious for failing.




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Mach1GTO, CP3 controller.  I cannot connect to my mount.  I've uninstalled-reinstalled the latest V2 driver and FTDI driver.  I installed the latest version of APCC.  I've unplugged-replugged all cables, several times.  This gear has always been picky about turning on the mount power before turning on the computer, so I've been diligent about shutting everything down, letting it sit a bit, then restarting.the mount first, then the computer.  I went through something like this during the winter, but plugging the FTDI driver into a different USB port got it working that time.  No joy this time.  Device Manager says the FTDI driver is working correctly.  Should I just assume that any or all pieces, from the FTDI controller to the CP3 driver, are defective and need to be replaced?  I'm at a loss to explain this or to come up with a solution.  I'm looking for suggestions about something I've overlooked.

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