Re: FITS Image Header Issues Using APPM-Help!

Ray Gralak



As I said APPM sets the DateTime via ExposureStartTime in PinPoint before doing the plate solve.


Sorry, I don't have any other suggestions and I don't see that behavior. Here's a screen shot just done using Nasa SkyView and PinPoint just a moment ago:



-Ray Gralak

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> Thanks so much Ray and Michael for the help!  The first time I tried APPM was on 7/15 and then again today to

> see if the FITS Image Headers still caused issues and on both dates it was the same issue.  I also tried using the

> NASA option this morning and ran a small model (38 or so points) and everything ran fine so it seems like it is

> maybe ASCOM/camera driver maybe?  As far as version of PinPoint It is the most recent as I just purchased and

> downloaded it on 6/24/2020 and for PinPoint Astrometric Engine version is 6.1.5.  I'm also attaching some of the

> feedback I got from the PinPoint forum (I hope that's o.k.).  I figured it would be better that way for you to see

> what the PinPoint experts had to say.  The last Windows 10 x64 update I got was on July 14th.


> Thanks in advance!  Scott

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