Re: 400 GTO First report

Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky

Thanks for the tip Ray. You know the ortho check talks about moving halfway
as does one of the polar alignment methods IIRC. My manuals are in the mount
case so I can't refer to them right now. But I don't think method number one
(N. Polar Align) calls for half movements. Thanks. I did level the mount
(habit) so I'll give it a try.

Wonder if the manuals are in Word or sompin'. I think I have a PDF writer
printer driver....

Clear skies,

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From: "Ray Gralak" <ray@...>

Hi Ron,

Usually the 1/2 way won't work well if the mount is not very level.
In that case, you will get one axis affecting the other. Otherwise it
has always worked quite well for me (30+ times with my 1200). Of course
the OTA has to be close to orthogonal too.


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