Re: Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3)

Ray Gralak

Hi Chanan,

Sorry but the AP V2 ASCOM driver only supports tracking rates for GTOCP3 control boxes with Rev S or later firmware.

You might try downloading my PulseGuide program from

-Ray Gralak
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Hi All,

I just got an AP900 GTOCP2 from a friend. I used this mount 10 years ago and have forgotten a few of the
basics. I was looking to track Comet Neowise and completely forgot how to figure out what Custom RA and Dec
information to enter into the AP V2 ASCOM Driver window. I did visit the JPL Horizons website and downloaded
the data but was not sure which data to use.

Hope someone will help me figure it out. I did once, for the life of me cannot remember what I did.

Clear skies,

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